Welcome to daBongo.com – I refer to this site as a ‘Nice’ area.. No need for strife in a ‘Nice’ area.. Just learn, live, love…and beat your drum as you do…

If the impulse takes over, and one loses the ability to be ‘Nice’, feel free to move on. 😉

Roadhouse rules – “be nice, until it’s time to not be nice”..

The logic and balance in that character quote has stayed with me since hearing it the first time.

Now that it’s becoming a progressively weirder world since the Flu-mageddon manifestation. I find practicing the ‘RoadHouse rule’ is really helping keep the brain grounded. Even as I watch the defective humans hoarding supplies at the local store.

I’m very nice while I make belittling, and sarcastic statement to the unsavory primates as I stroll down isle only grabbing a single package from the shelf.

So, taking the stoicism approach I will – and focus on what i actually have control over. Including ceasing the sarcasm around the ‘unsavory primates’. I don’t ‘need’ to be that kind of human without cause. So I shall refrain from the behavior and block the impulse to engage.

Stoicism includes a sort of perpetual pursuit of self-control over reaction, emotional response, greed, etc. So, I continue to try and become a better person, while accepting my failures as part of my life study.
So no actual failure, just points of needed reflection – and the opportunity to retry. And I shall..

If you have arrived here by accident – maybe it was meant to be.. =] Or not, who knows..
But I have to assume things are as weird in life for you, as they are for me.
I can only hope you are able to keep focused on getting through it, without losing spirit, soul…or more specifically, integrity and your own humanity..

If we go through life not caring, the balance is, life will not care about you.. Not absolute logic – but I’ve already seen the result in the people around my area.

Even the best humans can evolve to their worst-self in times like these .
In reality, true strength comes from sensing of an internal change as it starts within ourselves, and stopping it from changing your personality, or stable state.
In the end blocking the unfounded fears and anxiety from turning us into the kind of person we most likely had no respect for in the past, and generally avoided in life.

I don’t need, nor want that kind of regret, or the potential loss of my own self-respect. I’d just be waiting for it to psychologically punch me in the head when i least expect it..

So, I wish you and those close to a safe and healthy life. Keep your head straight, and just avoid the unsavory primates of the world… 😉