Hello – I sincerely hope you’re finding the moment well..

Welcome to daBongo, the unofficial home of my ramblings and obscure observations, among other things.

What it’s about? Well, it’s about 25 years of marriage turning into nothing. As a man who said he’d never go through divorce..and that with Love, all issues can be worked out…

Well, i was wrong… 😉 I still love my wife – i just know I deserve to be treated better..

I use to be treated as If i was an out of work bum… funny that i’m the only one that maintained a career, and committed fully to this marriage.

After hearing a few more excuses, rants, etc – I’m now working on just taking care of me, and what i want in life. Something I didn’t feel allowed to do, i can now allow for me..
Geeeezzzz, that make me feel awkward!! Lol..

But what it’s about – is living for me. As me. Doing right, while moving on to my own future.

Once you’re told “I’m not in-love with you anymore..”… you may be stuck trying to figure out what it’s ‘about’ too.. 😉