Wanted to learn about Diesel trucks…So, i bought one.

Wanted to learn about Diesel trucks...So, i bought one.

Bought my first Diesel truck. I’ve wanted to learn about diesel engines since I was a kid. Just never had the opportunity.
After I was laid off in 2018, I found a Maroon 2000 Dodge 2500 4×4 Laramie (with black leather =]) for an affordable price.

The Maroon Baboon – 2000 Dodge Ram Laramie: Ext. Cab w/Longbed. Feeling pretty lucky to have found it in it’s current condition.

This is will be my next restore project. So any products i purchase, processes, updates, and f’ups i cause will most likely end up on this site.. 😉

If your also a diesel geek, drop me a link to your site, and i’ll add it to my link list.


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