A Moment of Isolation

A Moment of Isolation

It is a beautiful night, only the birds are out.

The neighborhood in which I live, is now barely a mumble in comparison to just last February.

It’s almost like the world completely shut down, and everyone has went home  – and they literally have… I actually feel like everyone else is in isolation, or away on vacation – and now there’s an overwhelming quite.
A Moment of Isolation

And not a calm quite. Just quite. Within the lack of audible happenings of life around our neighborhood, there was still this sense of chaos and stress, or mass concern that made no noise…

No matter, it’s time to learn a new way of existing and being safe when around fellow humans. Maybe applying some ‘Stoic Philosophy’ in this new weird world, will make it an easier adaptation, without acting like an asshole about it… 😉

If a mask is the new norm. Then so be it..
It’s better than the risk we can introduce to others.
And since I choose to be a decent human, until it’s time to not be so decent, a mask I shall wear..

[…it’ll look like half a clown face – for the comical value, but it will cover my air holes.. 😉 ]


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