Kicks or some-such; planning a real road-trip on Route 66..

Kicks or some-such; planning a real road-trip on Route 66..

If my wheels are rolling – i’m off to visit the obscurity of smaller towns in the local region. Well I used to, that is until the flu-magedon hit us.
Now I just long for an extended road-trip. Until the stay order is lifted, i’ll do the next best thing? Research the route – and friggin’ plan it!

If I don’t start planning now, I can assume I’d put it off again, and again. I’ve wanted drive Route 66 for decades. But it’s odd how life can change course, causing us to leave those goals for another day..

Well, that day is coming… dang! – i can see it right up the road =]

The main inspiration, my child hood memories of my dad racing through state by state in our station wagon, heading to our vacation destination.
All the while, i wanted to stop and experience the little town along the way. In the 70’s, Route 66 was a diamond. The little towns along the way, Gems.
I was probably 7 years old the last time we drove through the obscurity of Route 66.
Today, the obscurity has only grown. So, me in hitting 55. I figured it was time to truly experience, and document, a detailed run through the states Route 66 travelers flowed through, while accessing as much of the abandoned Route 66 highway as ‘legally’ and ‘safely’ as possible. And, to find and record some of the few locations I experienced as a little kid in the late 60’s. And, that no longer have freeway off-ramps, or any measurable population.

I want to see what so many of us experienced, but just forgot about as we moved on in life.
Being an old soul, I recognized the allowed demise of Route 66 was triggered the demise of so many livelihoods, businesses, family homesteads, and many archeologically important sites for the history of engineering and human ingenuity.

Route 66. Before I die – i want to drive the Route of obscurity, and bring others closer to it’s history and evolution of this great country as a traveler of these forgotten lands.
It’s sad to me that our country has neglected the Mother Road and its neighboring communities for many decades.
It should be remembered for how it helped us evolve and grow as a country.

So let’s get rollin’ and go find some kicks(or some-such) on Route 66!

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