The Vervo lives…again!

The Vervo lives...again!

This has been a longtime coming.. But my Volvo 242 project is getting closer to ‘done’ 😉

This has been a DIY, out of pocket, frustrating project – but i’m glad i wasted all that time and money. Because, it’s no longer a waste, either way.

Here she is after having the suspension and brakes gone through at Carl’s Alignment and Brake in Vancouver, Wa.

Dustin aligned, verified components were torqued, replaced a few parts that didn’t handle the weight of the SBC V8 very well. Requiring the use of Volvo 262 equivalent parts. Since the Volvo 262 used a v6 engine of greater weight than the current v8, I think we’re good.. 😉

Time for bumpers, electrical diagnostics, transmission adjustment, paint…. and a shakedown cruise; )


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