It’s about time to figure out what I want to do for a living…again… =]

It’s about the once in a lifetime chance to drive Route 66. While being worried about being unemployed… Yeah, that’s about it…. =]

Ok, seriously – after being a senior employee of a company for almost a decade, I am now apart of a work force reduction with a local software development company.
– Subtext; I was laid off. Or, kicked in the eggs (The latter was my initial response. But now it’s just a lay-off..;).

With the support of my better-half, I’m  now planning a Route 66 drive to figure out what I’m supposed to do with the remainder of my life.
As surprised as I was – I’m still trying to work it all out. She kinda blew my mind when she suggested I do this on my own. So my brain is chunkin’ it all out….

I have always dreamed of doing the drive with her, as an extended camping trip.
But she’s involved in redefining her own life as well. So I can’t expect her to just take flight with me – to figure out My Issues.

I was humbled to find out she understood it was my issue, and I needed to work out what had my brain and spirit stuck in the mud… I did mention she’s my better-half, right? I’m blessed to have her as my wife…

I understand that a soul searching road-trip may be just what I need. But to just up and leave on my own doesn’t hit me in the gut to well.
I love to drive through areas of history. Route 66 is something that was romanced and marketed on TV and Radio when I was a kid.

My family followed parts of it when I was preteen. But my recall of that time was more about my dad driving 90 mph in our station-wagon to get down to palm springs or palm desert. Also areas heavily romanced and marketed during the 70’s and 80’s…

With the memories of my youth, relating to Route 66, and my recall being some what “speed blurred” by my dad’s driving behaviors. I have always dreamed of driving through California again, down to the desert, and even The Salton Sea. Followed by heading north east up to the old Route 66, and following her as far as physically possible.

Or, more accurately,  as far as I can before running out of money, time, or my wife sensing buyers remorse… 😉
I’d then return home through Colorado, Utah and Idaho through Eastern Oregon up in to Clark County, Washington.

Just a soft-plan, but it does inspire me thinking about it. So, I shall proceed…

Once I have it mapped out I’ll post an image of the route the related category.

Best regards,


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