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..when you realize you’ve lived your life as a caretaker rather than a son, or husband…

… you ask yourself, was any of it for love?
… was it out of some sort of emotional manipulation, or externally induced guilt?
… and you try to ask yourself, how do I become happy again..
…what is ‘happy’?… and how do I get there…

…and, you wake up one day,
with no identity,
no sense of happiness or at the least, contentment. ..you’re now just angst and anger, gasping for air, and truth…held up by my own smiling facade….

Thanking the spirit, and soul – I think I finally can see some light..and I am staying on course.

The understanding that life experiences have corrupted my Will, Hope, Heart and my overall perspective of life…
I will continue to clean out the varnish from my mind, even from the deepest of caverns and crack, the varnish will be gone. I now carry Mental-floss where ever I go, and use it regularly… =]

I shall find happiness and purpose once again. As I understand now,  that it is my only option, and these obstacles are there to lead my way…

(Btw, at my age, one tends to avoid walking towards ‘bright lights’.. ;-] )