Bought my Roadtrip Truck! A 2000 Dodge Ram / 2500 / 5.9 Cummins / Laramie with the original leather interior, and maroon paint..

A while ago, I mentioned I had sold our tow vehicle with the intention of buying a newer diesel pick up.

And that I was conveniently laid off from my job the following week. After getting back in the job hunt I decided to try and replace the truck I sold with an equivalent vehicle so my wife and I could go camping this summer.

I figured I’d find a newer truck after I find a new job and get back on the rail financially again.
So I started a used truck search within my budgeted cash amount. I figured I’d end up with a vehicle of the same year, or maybe a bit newer, with a basic diesel engine.
Boy was I wrong. It appears that some diesel truck owners feel their Rig is  worth twice the KBB and NADA valuations. That was a hard shot to swallow =]

Original fender flares seem to be a rarity on the second gen. Dodge Ram 2500 pick ups. One needs some cracks fixed, and all need to be sanded and clear coated. But still a great find for the year!

After hunting lots and private party used ads, I’ve finally found the truck I wanted, and with the engine, trim package, and color I wanted. It’s actually a year older than my previous Dodge Ram. But it’s a 4wheel drive, while my previous Ram was the Rwd – 10 cyl model. It was only good for towing on flat paved roads – and burning gasoline like it was free….

So a Diesel Laramie is a big step up for me – and for a price I could afford.

Front end damage that came with the truck (new parts already in garage 🙂

There’s some front passenger side fender work that is needed, as well as a new front bumper, trim cap, and a headlight that needs replacing. But I already have those parts in my garage waiting for their turn at installation.

W/ factory flares  =]

I have a volvo v8 project that has priority this week. Since the truck rolls, turns and stops great, and the lights still work. So I can drive it legally until I can hammer out the fender and swap out the parts =]
I’m good with the wait – the truck is fun to drive the way it is 😉


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